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Click HERE to view or download the "Mark Twain's A Christmas Carol" program (identical to the one handed out at the show)

The award-winning North County Players'
brand-new Christmas show is coming Dec. 2019
to the California Center for the Arts Escondido!

Just a few comments from reviewers and attendees of past shows:

"North County Players shows are very different than most stage productions out there in that they are packed with musical themes, sound effects, and cues. This creates a feeling that you're more watching a movie than a theater production. Don't miss this experience."
-- Ron Habberman

"A smart presentation -- and possibly the most
pleasant history lesson I've ever had!"

-- Rick Marian
("Passage Into Fear ")
"This show is fabulous!"
-- Diane Cunningham
("Mr. Scrooge & Mr. Dickens")
"So much fun! Even our KIDS loved it!"
-- Kyle Jannet
("Sky Takes a Bite Out of Crime ")
"We all had a great time!"
-- Janice Dayle
("Passage Into Fear")
"It felt like we were INSIDE a movie!"
-- Deanna and Ronnie Beale
("All the Time in the World ")
"Caratti's love letter to a time gone by."
-- The North County Times ("All the Time in the World")
"I'm not generally a fan of live theater, but the
fast pacing and snappy dialogue made this show feel
more like a movie -- a good movie!"
-- Frank Fleming ("Mark Twain's A Christmas Carol")
"Our favorite North County Players production yet
-- and we've loved them all!"
-- Jennifer Riley ("Mark Twain's A Christmas Carol")
"The California Center for the Arts was the
perfect venue for a show this good!"
-- Martin Franz ("It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol")
"Action, humor, drama, twists and
turns -- this show has it all!"
-- Peter Rayman
("Passage Into Fear")
"The best show EVER!"
-- Irma M. Allen
("Mark Twain's A Christmas Carol")
"I've seen previous productions but this is
by far the best... Excellent acting and
fantastic visual and sound effects. All in all,
it's a wonderful theatrical experience."
-- Mel Alpert
("Passage Into Fear")
"This is just the right show for someone who
says they don't normally enjoy theater."
-- Jack Brell
("It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol")

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