Mystery High
was named a finalist in the
Young Filmmaker category at the
2008 Fallbrook Film Festival

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Mystery High,
the original, full-length feature film written by
award-winning writer/director Samantha Carr
premiered at the Maxine Theater to a
packed house and rave reviews

Mystery High was named a finalist in the
2007 Interactive Video in Education (iVIE) Awards!
and Sammi Carr was chosen as
"Storyteller of the Year" at the 2007 VCTV Awards

Learn more about Mystery High from
this Valley Roadrunner article:

Award-winning Filmmaker Takes On New Challenge

Sammi Carr is back to doing one of the things she does
best. Ms. Carr is currently in the process of finishing a full-length
movie script she will direct at the high school in the coming year. The
script, which has the working title "Mystery High," is about a group of
teens who get trapped by an avalanche in their mountaintop high school and
have to solve a baffling mystery all on their own.

"It's kind of like 'Breakfast Club' meets 'Lord of the Flies' meets a
classic who-done-it," she told the Roadrunner, "jam-packed with lots of fun,
plot twists and thrills."

Since elementary school, Sammi, who will be a sophomore this coming year,
has made over a dozen short films, often with her brother Alex. They can all
be viewed at the kids' website,

Sammi's last film, a 15-minute short titled "Sins of the Father" was about a
young man's struggle to overcome his father's bad lot in life. It was
written and directed by Sammi and produced with her VC High Advanced Video
team and won a coveted Interactive Video In Education (iVIE) award this past
spring -- the first ever for any student at any Valley Center school (except
for the one her brother, Alex, won the same evening). Sammi also took home a
trio of trophies from this year's VCTV Awards (Best Original Music, Best
Screenplay and Best Film of the Year).

We asked Sammi how it felt writing her first full-length feature. "It's a
lot of fun and very challenging," she replied. "I loved 'Sins' but, this
time, I wanted to do something was more entertainment-oriented."

We also wondered if she felt constrained or censored writing a suspense
story like "Mystery High" as a school project. "In some ways it's probably
harder," she replied. "We students are asked not to show or use a gun or
display any of the gore or gratuitous violence so commonplace in even
PG-rated movies and television. As a result, I have to work really hard to
create situations that have the same sense of peril for my actors. That
doesn't bother me, though. I really enjoy coming up with creative ways to
capture the audience's interest while staying within in the boundaries that
are appropriate for our school."

But even within those guidelines, says Sammi, " 'Mystery High' will have
some really scary, really intense scenes. There are some places that are
guaranteed to cause some good old-fashioned goosebumps. Also," she
continued, "it has a challenging, well though-out plot. There's a definite
mystery with carefully revealed clues the viewer can try to figure out
before the kids in the movie do."

"Mystery High" will star four pairs of boys and girls from the high school.

"This will be a great opportunity for the actors," she continued, "because
they'll all get DVDs of the complete movie to show to family and friends,
and to keep as part of every actor's all-important 'highlight reel' to get
acting work or professional representation."

Sammi says there will also be adults in "Mystery High." Her drama teacher,
John Ward, and video teacher, Jon Goodman both have roles, and she has
already demonstrated a canny sense professional acumen by writing a part for
this newspaper's editor, Dave Ross. She's also written a key role for Valley
Center High's new principal, Ron McCowan, who specifically
asked to be in the movie.

Sammi Carr is currently shooting "Mystery High" on location at
Valley Center High School and other locales.

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